The practice of Yoga is traditionally transmitted from teacher to student in a one-on-one approach. This is a highly effective method since each session is designed to address the ever-changing needs of the student. Whether you are new to the practice, interested in deepening your understanding or working with an injury or physical impediment, private instruction may be right for you. It is an honor as a teacher to work directly with students. As a practitioner, I cherish the times I get to study directly with my teachers. 


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Kristen came into my practice at a critical juncture in my life: I was seeking a deeper personal and spiritual connection with myself, a mindfulness and self-care that had eroded over years of working and partying pretty hard.  Kristen was instrumental in bridging the gap between my belief that yoga could heal and enhance my mind and body, and taking tangible steps in that direction.  Kristen's group classes are fun, experimental, well-paced, and always perfectly tailored for any level.  Having recognized her intuitive ability to cater to the needs and growth of each of her students, I decided to take private sessions with Kristen.  To say the least, that is one of the best calls I have ever made.  Kristen is a patient teacher, an exacting critic, and a warm soul. She encouraged me to embrace yoga as a journey, to begin my developing asana practice from where I am (tight hamstrings and all) and to use that basic framework as a foundation on which to build my practice mindfully toward full expression.  I am committed to continuing my development under Kristen's instruction, even if it means traveling to another town to visit with her whenever I can!  I wholeheartedly recommend her to all.

- Tabitha B.

I sought out private sessions with Kristen after so thoroughly enjoying group classes I had taken with her. Even in a rather crowded room, I noticed how attentive and thoughtful she was about each students' experience—and I was correct in assuming that one-on-one time with her would allow me to get more out of my practice and think carefully about what my own goals are and should be. Kristen is helping me transition from eager but clueless student into someone who can practice independently, practice meaningfully, and practice in a way that actively improves my long-standing health issues. Just as important, Kristen is a delight to be around. Patient, warm, and exquisitely tuned to what I need that day to get the most out of our class together, Kristen's presence means that I look forward to every session, knowing that whatever mood I drag with me into the studio will have mellowed into a smile by the time I leave. 

- Jessica B.

Working with Kristen has made such a positive change to my physical life. Her private lessons are a unique experience; tailored to focus on the areas my body needs most which includes spinal stenosis and a disc herniation in my back.  When I started practicing with Kristen about six months ago I was so stiff I could barely get in and out of a chair.  Now I get up and down with no effort at all and I feel ten years younger. Kristen is a very positive, motivating and patient teacher.  She is a real pleasure to work with and I look forward her sessions all the time!

- Jesse T.